Our History

The Congregation of the Brothers of  St. Patrick’s started it’s sister concern schools St. Patrick’s Academy and Daniel Delany Hr. Sec. School in June 2006 at the Catholic Church Godown, Amakherawa, Manendragarh to spread quality education for the people of Manendragarh. Two great Patrician Brothers namely Bro. C Antony Chacko, Principal of St. Patrick’s Academy and Superior of SPA and DDHSS and Brother Joachim Guria Principal of Daniel Delany Hr. Sec. School, led the team of teachers and students for the Academic Year 2006-07.

In the first Academic year 2006-07, 46 Students were admitted into L.K.G to Class I.

All classes, Principal’s office of Daniel Delany Hr. Sec. School, Staffroom were being functional in the same room with limited facilities to teachers and Management but the utmost priority was given to quality education. It was a year of struggle for the management and teachers.

During the first academic year, the following teachers were appointed namely Miss. Anjali Chikhaldekar, Miss. Renuka Padhiar, Miss. Kanchan Singh, Mrs. Ranjana Shrivastava, Mrs. Neetu Wadhera and Sr. Asha, Office Staff  Mr. Vijay Baxla, co-workers Mrs. Juliyana Toppo, Miss. Anuranjana, Miss. Manisha Ekka, helper Mr. Arvind Tirkey and Mr. David Minj.

Mrs. Neetu Wadhera & Sr. Asha rendered their service as part-time teachers for a year.

Miss. Renuka Padhiar was the first coordinator of St. Patrick’s Academy.

In 2006 October the school was shifted to its own newly constructed building.

During this academic year, co-curricular activities were given importance.

The first Independence Day was celebrated along with Deepak School which enhanced the cultural skills of students, a variety of cultural programmes like Teachers Day, Children’s Day, Christmas, Republic Day and Foundation Day were celebrated in the newly constructed premises.

The school celebrated the first Annual Day on 30th March, 2007 with great splendor and prestige. The Chief Guest for the Annual Day held in 2007 was Rev. Bro. Christopher D. The final exam for the year 2006-2007 was conducted in April and the students performed extremely well and the overall results were outstanding. At the end of the Academic year, the Management accepted the resignation of Coordinator Miss. Renuka Padhiar. In the last week of May, the management organized an exposure cum educational tour.

The new academic year 2007-2008 began on 25th of June. It was rather surprising that admissions were increasing regardless of the limited facilities provided in the school. The number of admissions rose from 46 to 75 compared to the previous year.

In the month of July when the number of admissions increased the management had to recruit more teachers, namely: Sr. Deep Grace Kujur (in place of Sr. Asha), Miss. Rubi Chakravarti, Mrs. Ashrita Kujur, Mr. John Peter (PTI) and Mr. Habil Toppo (Driver).

Mrs. Neetu Wadhera was selected as a new coordinator to replace the previous coordinator, Miss. Renuka Padhiar.

This year the management equipped the science lab and prepared the sports field with adequate supplies for the proper learning process. The school had also conducted various cultural programmes on different special occasions.

The year 2008 was the bicentenary year for the Brothers of St. Patrick’s (Patrician Brothers). Being bicentenary, the school conducted various programmes on February 2nd and March 17th and also held a sports day on 26th March.

Three of our Brother dignitaries visited our school from Delhi, Superior General Rev. Bro. Jerome Ellens, former Provincial Bro. Christopher and the new Provincial Bro. A. Bosco was the Guest of Honour. We had other dignitaries too, the Bishop Patras Minj, many Priests, religious personalities and people from the Educational Department.

The Annual Day was held on 28th March, 2008. The Chief Guest for the programme was Mr. Shachendra Singh, Principal of Govt. Girls’ Hr. Sec. School, Manendragarh.

During the Academic year 2008 the working hours were changed and the school was functioning in two sessions; one from 07:30 am to 12:30 pm and the other from 09:00 am to 2:15 pm. The morning shift was for Daniel Delany Hr. Sec. School and day shift was for St. Patrick’s Academy. 

The academic year 2008-09 began on 25th June 2008. The school witnessed an increase in more admissions from 75 to 152 hence many teaching and non teaching staff were appointed namely: Mrs. Rekha M. Kumar (Accountant), Mrs. Prima Tigga, Miss. Saroj Ekka, Mrs. Jyoti Lakra, Miss. R. Lavanya, Mrs. Monimala Mukharjee, Mrs. Deepa Tirkey (Teachers),  Mrs. Gangotri, Mrs. Emeliya Toppo (co-worker) and  Habil Toppo (driver).

The Foundation stone was laid for a new building for St. Patrick’s Academy by Bishop Pataras Minj, on 9th of July, 2008 at village Choughada, Manendragarh.

Promptly cultural programmes and important festivals were significantly celebrated in school. This year the Sport’s day was conducted on a magnificent level. The school’s motto is to improve total Academic & Co-curricular activities in a sincere, dedicated & self-confident manner to bring out quality progress of students.

Frequently Parents meeting was conducted for students’ betterment. The Annual Day for the academic year was celebrated in the month of February 26/02/2009).

The school was running in two sessions the timing for Daniel Delany Hr. Sec. School was from 07:00 am to 12.00 pm and 12.00pm to 04:30pm for St. Patrick’s Academy. 

The session 2009-10 began on 25th June, 2009. During this academic year the admissions rose to 192. Hence the management decided to appoint one new teacher, Mrs. Fabiola Xalxo for pre-primary section. Miss Shamima was appointed as PTI in place of   Mr. John Toppo. Every year Brothers repeatedly emphasized on effective teaching, innovative methods and interesting learning processes for the students.

Parents meeting was conducted for the students’ progress and all-round development. The Annual Day was held on 02/02/10. At the end of the session Bro. Antony Chacko had been transferred.

The new academic session 2010-11 opened on 25th June and Bro. Anand Ellias had taken charge as principal of St. Patrick’s Academy and the school was running under the guidance and direction of  Bro. Anand. Till date in 2010-11 far the school had not been affiliated.

On 13th Nov. St. Patrick’s Academy was shifted to its own new building at Choughada. It was blessed by Bishop Patras Minj. A number of dignitaries including our Provincial Rev. Bro. A. Bosco, Priests, officials, parents and well-wishers graced the occasion