School Song

School Song

Clad by forts of ancient fame,
Teeming with many a tale,
Dancing brooks and lofty vales,
Brimming with life so hale.

Proudly stands our school of fame,
Waving in her a magic wand,
Calling us to the hall of fame
And leading us to distant land.

Hail O St. Patrick’s hail,
The pearl we deem grand and rare,
Lead us like never before,
For the land we hold so dear and fair.

Truth will be our constant goal
And loyalty our trait prime,
Raising hearts in humble prayer,
Gladness for a March we o’er hills and vales,
Glowing as the rising sun.

Hold we tender hands of ours,
For unity we deem as boon.
Hail Thee Saint so warm and rare,
Dream we of a fairer dawn,
Soaring like the birds of air,
Calling all to a perfect morn.